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The 100 academy is a movement of educators from around the world. We  believe change only comes from like-minded people working together towards  a common goal. That’s why we’re continuing to build a global community of education innovators and passionate education stakeholders to collaborate and  learn from each other to improve education in every corner of the world. The hundred community comprises innovators, ambassadors, youth ambassadors and Our academy is from over 90 countries and growing. 


In order to inform our selection of the hundred Global Collection, we seek  enthusiastic and passionate stakeholders in education to help review innovations selected by the hundred research team. 100 Academy members are a selected, exclusive community that offer an abundance of knowledge and expertise as well as valuable insight into the impact and scalability of each innovation.

 As an Academy member, you will receive:

An insider look at the leading innovations in education today: 

An exclusive look at the leading education innovations that are improving education worldwide.

Exclusive invitation:

Attend our invitation-only flagship event, the hundred Innovation Summit in Helsinki, Finland. An exciting opportunity to present and connect with innovators and experts around the world. Last year we hosted 50+ innovators from 27 different countries.

Excellent professional development experience: 

Gain a better understanding of leading education innovations globally. 


The 100  Academy is an exclusive community of experts in education with a passion for innovation and driving change. Each member brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise on a global and local scale. The reviews made by our 100  Academy are instrumental in the final selection process. While this is a voluntary position, members of the 100  Academy have exclusive access to the leading innovations in education globally as well as additional perks offered by hundred.

Review shortlisted innovations for our 100 Global research: 

Vote & share feedback on the innovations using our simple tool.

Provide valuable insight: 

You are also invited to share your expertise with our global community by contributing an article on the hundred platform.

An invitation to take part in the 100 Academy annually:

This is provided you successfully completed each review period. 

Connect with new innovations from around the world:

Learn about and connect with the latest innovations happening in education. Funders and partners in the hundred Community. 

Read more:

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100 Academy consists of all stakeholders in education, from educators to  students, innovators to experts from a wide variety of countries. Their expertise and insights help to inform our selection of the annual hundred Global Collection. 

• Demonstrate a level of experience and interest in the field of education. 

• Passionate about innovation in education. 

• Aptitude for research and commitment to understanding the innovations. 

• Possess a strong track record and a reliable network within the education sector.

• Effectively communicate in English. 


Being part of the 100 Academy does require time and commitment, however reviewing innovations has proven to be extremely rewarding and insightful for most who participate. 

Over the course of 2 weeks in July, you will be asked to dedicate 5-8 hours to review a batch of around 25 innovations that have been shortlisted by the Hundred Research team. 

Discover new innovations from around the world to inspire your community and network.

Application process and next steps

  • You will need to reserve 2 weeks in July to complete a batch of around 25 innovations shortlisted by the hundred Research team. 
  • You can register your interest with Katija at katija.aladin@hundred.org. 
  • Once the review process is complete you will receive a signed certification signifying your membership to the Academy. 
  • You will also be recognized both in the Yearbook and on our Website. This experience can also be added to your CV, LinkedIn profile, and email signature.
  • Additionally, you will receive an exclusive invitation to the 100 Innovation Summit held in November. You will have the chance to interact and hear from the selected innovators, funders and partners in the 100 Community.


In conclusion, We believe deeply in each other’s ability and capacity to succeed, and we believe strongly that grit, resilience and hard work are better determinants for future success than prior ability or background.   We believe that the life skills of attendance, punctuality, politeness and respect are core characteristics that will serve us all well in our endeavours.  ​

Fundamental to our identity is the importance of equity and equality. We systematically identify and work to reduce and remove barriers to opportunities that disadvantage brings, and ensure that regardless of background or previous experience, all our students are ready to excel.

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